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St. Helens Wastewater Treatment Plant, Tasmania, Autstralia

On the island of Tasmania off Australia's southeast coast, the AquaMB Process® from Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc. is utilized as an alternate to membrane biological reactors (MBRs) in the town of St. Helens. This technology was selected due to the comparable effluent quality to the MBR system and lower cost of ownership.

The multi-barrier membrane system integrates biological treatment, cloth media filtration and microfiltration into a single process with resulting savings in membrane area of greater than 50% compared to a typical MBR configuration. The plant is designed to treat an average flow of 0.4 million gallons per day (mgd) of domestic sewage from the local community. In addition to the savings in lifecycle cost, the multi-barrier process provides flexibility and ease of operation. These are the main reasons why this process was selected over MBR. Operators take advantage of this flexibility, especially since St. Helens is a coastal holiday destination, and the population typically increases by up to 50% for a two-month period in summer.

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Quechan Paradise Casino , CA

The Aqua-Aerobic® MBR Membrane Biological Reactor (MBR) is the wastewater treatment system of choice for the Quechan Paradise Casino. This newly constructed gaming facility, located on Native American owned land in Winterhaven, California, began its treatment operations in January 2009. Early into the project development, it was decided that the Aqua-Aerobic® MBR system was the optimum solution due to its small footprint, high-quality effluent and low energy consumption. The plant is designed to meet California's strict Title 22 reuse requirements in which effluent is reclaimed to supply drip irrigation for the casino's landscaping and a future onsite golf course.

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PULSION MBR Keeps Pacific Grove Golf Links Green

About 100 miles south of San Francisco on the Monterey Peninsula

The aim of this project was to reduce the golf course's reliance on potable water for irrigation and create an alternative source of suitable water through the treatment and recycle of city sewer water.

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