Fournier > Fournier Rotary Press

Lynden, WA

The rotary press at Lynden, WA replaced a centrifuge and is using about 1/5 the power and less polymer.

  • Process: Thickened aerobically digested sludge
  • Rotary Press: 1 unit
  • Performances:
    • Feed concentration: 2-2,5% TS
    • Throughput: 1,6 dry tons solids/day (24 hours)
    • Cake dryness: 16% TS
    • Capture rate: 96-98% TSS

Oak Harbor WWTP

Oak Harbor, OH

While this unit is a new installation with minimal use, the operators have rapidly become proficient in the use of the press. We are impressed with its quality, ease of operation and clean up. Based on these factors and our inquiries to others who have OR-TEC units, we feel the Village made the right choice in obtaining an OR-TEC belt press for its sludge handling needs. We expect the unit to give us numerous years of satisfactory service. Please feel free to visit the Oak Harbor Waste Water Treatment Plant to inspect the unit, or to call us with questions.

-Superintendent, Oak Harbor WWTP