Process Equipment


* available in Clark County, Nevada
** available in New Mexico

*** available in both Clark County, Nevada and New Mexico

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc. Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.

AMAID Filtration Systems

Automatic, Self-Cleaning Filters

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.***

Aeration and Mixing
Biological Processes
Cloth Media Filtration
Membrane Systems
Monitoring and Controls

Aqua Nereda

Aerobic Granular Sludge

Aqua Point Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems and Services

Aqua Point Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems and Services

Specializing in Lower Flow Biological Treatment Systems including: MBBR, IFAS, Hybrid MBBR, Trickling Filter over Clarifier

Atlas Copco AWI Filter CBI

Atlas Copco

Wide range of Wastewater Blowers: Low Pressure PD Blowers, Screw Blowers, Centrifugal Blowers, Assorted Specialty Blowers

AWI Filter

Underdrain Systems, Mixed Media
GAC and Specialized Weir/Trough

CB&I - Walker**

Egg Shaped Digestors

E&I Corp ETS UV Systems Dewatering Screw Presses

E&I Corporation**

Cantenary Bar Screens
Water Screens
Grit Handling

ETS UV Systems ***

Closed Vessel Medium Pressure UV Systems for Water and Wastewater Disinfection

Dewatering Screw Presses

Rotary Screen Thickeners, Shaftless Screw Conveyors, Complete Dewatering Skid Systems


Fournier Industries**

Rotary Press For Dewatering


Screens and Screening Handling Equipment

Headworks Bio

MBBR/IFAS Biological Treatment Systems

Hungerford Johnson KLA Systems Inc.

Hungerford & Terry, Inc.**

Flouride Removal Systems

Johnson Screens*

TritonTM Underdrain System
Passive Intake Screen

KLA Systems Inc.**

Jet Aeration Systems

Koch LOWRY Merit Filter

Koch Membrane Systems

MicroFiltration, Ultrafiltration, NanoFiltration, RO and MBR/s with Puron Technology

Lowry Aeration Systems***

VOC Removal
Radon Removal
Carbon Dioxide Removal


Sludge Drying Beds

Or-Tech Incorporated Park Process PCI

Or-Tech Incorporated

Micro Bar Screens, Washer Compactors Screens & Grit Dewatering Belt Presses, Conveying Flotation Equipment

Park Process

Specialty Solutions for Water/Wastewater Pre-Treatment, Separation and Storage


Oxygen Generators

Purifics RW Gate SafBon Water Technology


Complete Water Purification based on High Flux Ceramic Processes, Complete Skid Mounted water Treatment Plants/ w Ozone Treatment as needed

RW Gate

Sluice Gates, Slide Gates, Weir Gates, Stop Logs, Flap Gates and other water control equipment

SafBon Water Technology

Water and Wastewater Treatment solutions including: MBR, MF/UF, EDI, IX, DAF,RO,DI, Zero Liquid Discharge

South Gate Engineering KLA Systems Inc. Walker Process

South Gate Engineering*

Custom Pressure Vessel Fabrication


Flat Panels

Walker Process Equipment***

Rotary Distributors
Digestor Equipment