Letter from the President

IES Southwest was founded on three premises. 1) There will always be water treatment demands in the southwest. 2) The southwest is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. And, 3) Arizona offered the opportunity for experienced and responsible representative coverage in the water and wastewater markets. The company goal is to assemble a collection of products and technologies that provide innovative solutions for the unique desert water treatment challenges. Continuously maintaining awareness of the impact of ever tightening water quality requirements and preparing for a time when water will be recycled for potable use.

We have structured our product mix to apply to both water and wastewater needs. Wherever possible, our products serve dual purposes in both potable and wastewater service. Presently, we are able to offer products applicable to liquid and solid phase treatment. With need for multi-barrier treatment and enhanced coagulation we feel we have established a strong position with market leading membrane and DBP removal technologies. Additionally, we have added the capability to supply instrumentation to control and measure many facets of a treatment process.

As part of our daily business we remain involved with both local and national trade organizations. We encourage our principal manufacturers to participate in ongoing education through local seminars and trade show participation. IES Southwest has a staffing plan going forward that will assure our viability into the foreseeable future.

We hope you will give us the opportunity to demonstrate our friendly, competent and professional approach to equipment and technology supply.

We look forward to having you as our customer.

John Spielman