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Jesco > Hydrazine Injection for Power Plant Applications

Total Fluid Management Solutions

Power plants are a complex blend of some of the simplest systems we know today. Pumping water to cool, treating water for purity and ph, using stream to spin turbines, and generating electrical current from magnetic excitation.

Being Pump people we are going to talk about the wet side of things. There are five main separate systems that have to do with water treatment:

  • Feedwater / Boiler / Afterboiler
  • Condensor cooling
  • Ash sluicing or exhuast cleaning
  • Makeup system
  • Closed cooling water

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Velodyne > Improved Polymer Activation Technology Reduces Polymer Consumption by over 25%

Lafayette, CO


The Lafayette, Colorado Water Reclamation Facility processes 18,000 gallons per day of anaerobically digested sludge. Two Stranco M series liquid polymer blending systems are used to meter, activate, blend and feed polymer solution to the thickening and dewatering centrifuges.

The Problem

The plant was experiencing check valve pluggin problems with the Stranco diaphragm metering pumps. In addition, the frequent maintenance of the pumps had created a potential hazard from polymer spills.

Trial Results

The VeloBlend series VM-P, utilizing a progressive cavity pump, resolved the plant's pumping problems. In addition, compared to the existing Strnaco M series mechanical mixer, the VeloBlend hybrid, hydro-mechanical polymer activation technology reduced polymer consumption by over 25% (from 1.2 GPH to 0.89 GPH), increased cake dryness by 3% (from 18% to 18.7%), and improved centrate quality (from 0.14 to 0.12 TSS).

Based on the reduced polymer consumption along, the plant estimates a savings of $13,000 per year by replacing the Stranco M series with the VeloBlend technology.

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